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Nonlinear Fractional Elliptic Equations with Measure Data

By Laurent Véron, University of Tours

We study the existence of weak solutions to

(-∆)^αu+g (u) =∨      (E)

in a bounded regular domain  Ω in R^N (N>1)  which vanish in R^N \ Ω, where (-∆)^α denotes the fractional Laplacian with 0<α<1, is a Radon measure and g is a non-decreasing function satisfying some extra hypotheses. When g satisfies a subcritical integrability condition, we prove the existence and uniqueness of a weak solution for problem (E) for any measure. In the case where is a Dirac measure, we characterize the asymptotic behavior of the solution. When g(r)=|r|^(k-1) r with k supercritical, we show that the absolute continuity of the measure with respect to some Bessel capacity is a necessary and sufficient condition in order (E) to be solved.

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