International Conference on the Mathematical Theory of Liquid Crystals and Related Topics

The Mathematical Theory of Liquid Crystals is closely related to many branches of mathematics, such as geometrical analysis, complex fluids, partial differential equation, variational methods and numerical calculation. Since the mid-1980s, there are many remarkable research achievements on the Mathematical Theory of Liquid Crystals, including the classic Oseen-Frank theory, the Ericksen theory and the Q-tensor theory. 

In recent years, there is an emergence of many new research topics in the Mathematical Theory of Liquid Crystals, such as the phase transition issue in Oseen-Frank theory, the Landau-de Gennes theory, the Q-tensor theory and the liquid crystal dynamics equation. 

International and Chinese experts in this field will present their work at the conference. They will also discuss future research directions and explore the possibilities of the cooperation among top-level international universities and research institutions in the future.


June 15-19, 2014


Room 385, Geography Building │3663 Zhongshan Road North, Shanghai, China



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